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To my Daughter, on her Birthday

April 29, 2019

My beautiful girl,

The other day I watched you walk into school. You turned to give an extra wave and “I love you”. It brought tears to my eyes. You looked older. You looked wiser. You looked so incredibly beautiful and brave. You looked like you were old enough to not need me anymore. Like somehow you’ve become so independent and grown. As if at almost 8 years old, you’ve got it all figured out. That feeling is so bittersweet. It is both beautiful and heart wrenching.

I watch you as you get older. I beam with pride at the little lady you are becoming. I get tearful at the little girl who has been replaced. We are entering a phase of your life where you’ve nearly lost all of your “little”. As each day passes, more and more of your “little” gets left behind. You get smarter, braver, and more grown up than ever before.

I am amazed by your beauty. I am amazed by your heart. I am amazed by your positivity. In fact, I’m amazed by almost all you do. You’ve set goals and have achieved them. You’ve experienced disappointments but somehow always see the brighter side of things. You love hard and your inspiration is bigger than you could comprehend at only 8 years old. You are an amazing little girl.

Today you will wake up 8 years old. You’ll have a whole year of 8 ahead of you. I hope it’s your best year yet. I hope you keep what “little” you have left but also bloom into the little lady that seems to be replacing my baby. I love you for all that you are and all that you will be.

Happy Birthday, beautiful girl. I hope you always see things through your positive lens and I hope the world never dulls your shine. I hope you always love yourself just as you do now. You are only 8, but you are incredible and so loved.

xox, Mommy

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Chelsea Ohlemiller

Chelsea Ohlemiller

Wife, mother and educator who has Indiana roots and a passionate spirit. Chelsea is married to the love of her life, Justin. She’s the mother to a spunky and beautiful 7-year-old daughter named Hattie, an independent and rambunctious 5-year-old son named Hutson, and an adorable new son named Hyland. Chelsea recently left her job as a special education teacher in Indianapolis to become a stay-at-home-mom. Little did she know she'd soon be led back into the classroom. She recently accepted a position with Anderson University supervising student teachers. She has a deep love of teaching and has always enjoyed helping inspire students. She is a Ball State graduate but an Indiana University Hoosier at heart. Chelsea’s mother always encouraged her to write. In 2017, Chelsea's mother passed away. She decided to honor her mother's wishes and write. It was one of the best decisions she's ever made.

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