A Grief She’s Afraid to Express

She walks around with a grief she’s afraid to express. Unsure of how the world around her will deal with her sadness and longing, she holds it in tightly, scared to let it show. She carries a constant grief she’s afraid to express because pain and loss are uncomfortable. She knows this truth, which is why she hides grief’s influence and destruction.  She pretends well. She pretends often. Protecting the people she encounters over protecting her new life and path. She’s the epitome of compassion and protection. She will hide her mourning if it means others won’t be negatively impacted by it.  She hides proficiently. She hides often. Only truly releasing her pain and confusion when she’s alone and free, usually the bathroom floor, sometimes the closet. She locks herself in with her new companion, grief. Realizing their relationship is both unwanted and misunderstood by the people around her.  She works hard to make it invisible. She works hard to push it down and crumble it to pieces similar to the way this loss has shattered her to dust.  She walks around with a grief she’s too afraid to show and too scared to express. Have you noticed her? Have … Continue reading A Grief She’s Afraid to Express