Another Season Without You

November 4, 2019

Today I sit here watching the leaves fall. Another season without you. Another season you weren’t apart of.

The leaves aren’t the only things falling, so are the tears. We’ve experienced another season, making memories without you.

I sit here staring at the beauty that Autumn brings. It’s bittersweet, similar to grief. There is beauty. There is love. There is change. There is falling and there is dying.

As the leaves fall, I sit here in disbelief of the many seasons you’ve already missed.

I sit here looking in wonder. Realizing that in Autumn the beauty is the strongest right before the leaves fall and find a new resting place. Feels a bit like love…and grief…and death.

It’s proof that change can be both beautiful and devastating.

Just like the leaves can’t stay with the tree forever. You couldn’t stay with us.

So we sit here, reminiscing on another season without you. Seeing both the beauty of your love and legacy, and the permanence of your absence.

The trees have a delicate decision to make each Fall. How long do they hold on? When do they let go? For us, the decision isn’t ours to make.

We would have kept you for many, many more seasons. In the end, you left for the one you were destined for, even if we weren’t ready.

Now, there are seasons without you, but we will always cherish and honor the ones blessed by your presence.


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