Be Their Greatness. Be Their Love. Be Their Lasting Legacy.

February 6, 2019

Today a friend shared a quote online that really caught my eye. The quote read, “Be the things you loved most about the people who are gone!” It hit me hard and went straight to my soul. After losing my mom, things like this hit a soft spot in my heart.

Think about this quote. Let the words and meaning sink in. You’ve lost someone you love and you’re left here, heartbroken. You’re left here debilitated by grief. This quote offers a brilliant way to turn your grief into a productive journey. Every little thing you loved about them, be that. You’ll be creating a lasting reminder of all that they were, and all that you loved. It’s a beautiful solution to loss. Afterall, you are their legacy!

I vow to start honoring my mother by being everything I loved about her because she was beautiful and the world needs that beauty.

I will be her smile. The smile that could light up a room. The smile that could calm nerves. The smile that radiated love and kindness. I will be that smile for others.

I will be her kind and gracious heart. I will strive to give back and share the gift of kindness, just as she did. I will lead with grace and compassion, just as she did.

I will be her reliability. She was there, always. It wasn’t always convenient or easy, but she always showed up. Every single time. I will strive to be as reliable and consistent as she was.

I will be her faithful spirit. I will show up each day with faith in my soul, even on the hard days, especially on the hard days. Her faith never wavered. I will try to possess that faith and display it for all to see. Faith like that is inspiring. It doesn’t come easy, but I pray I inherited a piece of that faith that made her so strong.

I will be her love. Her never-ending, unselfish, and one-of-a-kind love. I will love my kids the way she loved me. I will try each day to carry that precious, unwavering love with me through motherhood and life. Her love was life-changing. Her love was constant. Her love was everlasting. I want to be that love for others.

I will be her beauty. The kind of beauty that comes from the soul. The kind of beauty that people can see from miles away because it comes from within. The kind of beauty that is pure and hard to imitate. I will try with all my might to be that beauty, the kind of beauty that makes the world a better place.

I will be her strength. The kind of strength that doesn’t waver. The kind of strength that is inspiring because it is so mighty and brave. I will be her strength, even if I have to fake it at first.

I will be her legacy. She may be gone, but I will not allow her to be forgotten. I will strive to be all of the things that I loved about her, so she can live on forever, through me.

“Be the things you loved most about the people who are gone!” Be their greatness. Be their love. Be their lasting legacy.

Whose legacy will you be?

xox, Chels

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  1. Cathi says:


  2. Sandy says:

    Absolutely beautiful and so much needed. I lost part of me three years ago and it still hurts but now I know it is ok, I’m not by myself. Thank you

  3. Michelle says:

    I’m loving everything you write!!! How you talk about how you feel and what you are feeling. It’s a gift to be able to help so many others. Thank you for sharing and helping so many. Your words mean so much and I saw this just when I needed it.

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