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December 10, 2019

I sit here staring at the stack of books I’m currently reading. Seven. There are seven books. I wish I was the kind of person that could read just one book from start to finish before diving into another, but I’m not that kind of girl. Never will be.

Instead, I pick up one of the books from the pile and jump in, searching for inspiration. Each book contains something of value. I underline, doodle, and make notes inside each one. There are words that jump out at me. Sentences that strike my soul. Those are the moments I whip out my pen and start marking things up. Hoping to make it easier to remember the motivation that struck me in each section.

Eventually a motherly duty will call and I’ll be forced to put the book down and tend to my responsibilities. Hours, sometimes days later, I’ll find myself reaching again for a book in the stack.

The authors vary. The messages are vastly different. But the result is the same. These little bundles of paper inspire, motivate, and drive me to live a life of value and substance. The chosen words that fill these pages spark a fire inside of my soul. These chosen words make a difference.

It’s in these moments I realize the value and importance of a book, a word, and a message. What if Glennon Doyle never shared her heart? What if Brene Brown never shared the value in vulnerability? What if Mitch Albom never wrote of faith, or hope, or love? What if your favorite author never wrote? Your favorite speaker never spoke? You’d be lacking the influence and inspiration that has guided you today.

Proof that you should never hide your talents. Proof that you should share your story, your craft, your passion. Proof that what you have inside of you, big or small, could be the very thing someone is searching for today. Even better, maybe it’s the very thing to set you free.

Today, I hope you find yourself inspired. I hope a word, a phrase, or even a book catches the attention of your heart and soul. I hope something or somebody challenges you to step out of your comfort zone and into the creation and exploration of your talents.

Me? I’ll be sitting here highlighting book #3, getting closer to the end, before I pick up a different one and indulge in a new perspective and path.

Always inspired. Always learning. Always growing.

What will encourage and motivate you today?

xox, Chels

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