Dear Beautiful Girl with a Mother in Heaven,

Beautiful girl with a mother in heaven, there are some things you should know in the blossoming months ahead. As the world prepares for Mother’s Day you are reminded that your mother is no longer physically with you, as if you ever had the ability to forget. You are reminded of the hole that is delicately placed in your heart. You are reminded of the forever absence of the greatest woman you’ve ever known. You are reminded fiercely of the death of your mother.  There are some triggers that are bound to be seen, felt, and internalized. Brace yourself for the ads, the commercials, and the posts on social media. Guard your heart with grace, patience and love, knowing each complicated emotion you will experience is felt by others. You are not alone in this longing and emptiness.  Sadly, there are so many others who walk with a shadow where a mother once stood. Sadly, there are others who, like us, can only visit their mother at a garden full of stones and hidden tombs. Sadly, there are countless other souls who find themselves motherless on Mother’s Day and even worse every other day of the year as well. We … Continue reading Dear Beautiful Girl with a Mother in Heaven,