Grateful for You, His Grandmother in Heaven

November 17, 2023

He hands me a paper he’s crafted during his school day. His kindergarten artwork is always the sweetest. He directs me to look at it and guess what it is. He’s filled the page with colorful drawings, each one intentional– you can tell with just a glance. 

As I am staring in awe at his work, like I typically do, he tells me the assignment was to draw the things you’re most thankful for. I look closer at his art to investigate what he’s chosen. There are hearts all along the top of the page, I can tell they symbolize love. There is a big slice of pizza in the middle, I can tell it symbolizes his favorite foods. And delicately drawn across the entire bottom portion of his paper is our family. Little stick figures that represent each one of us- his dad, his brother, his sister, me, him…and an extra person.

I look and count again just to be sure. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 

There are 6 lovely stick people drawn. Our family has 5. So I point to the extra person and ask who he has drawn there with us. His reply is simple and pure. “It’s Memere.”

And the tears come. And my heart wasn’t quite ready. He’s drawn my mother, his grandmother. A woman who passed before he was even born. A woman he never got to meet. But there she is, right there beside him as if he’s never been without her. 

And that is the power of influence and love and a legacy. That is the power of saying our loved ones names. It’s the power of telling their stories and keeping their memory alive. It’s the power of making someone not only unforgettable but so alive it’s as if she’s always been there.

He never got to meet her or hear her laugh. He never got to cuddle with her or listen as she read him a book. He never got to experience her here, beside him.

But he knows her. And she’s important to him. And he’s grateful for her.

We’ve made her memory so alive that she’s a core piece of his identity and family composition, even from heaven. 

And we’ll never stop talking about her or telling her stories. We will keep her memory and her influence braided throughout each and every thing we do. And because of that, he’ll know her, he’ll remember her, and he’ll love her just like all of us that had the privilege of experiencing it firsthand. 

Tell their stories. Say their names. Share their love and their influence. And when you do, they’ll live forever and never be forgotten, even from the little souls that never got to meet them.

xox, Chels

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