Grief: A Whole New Knowing

June 9, 2021

Grief brings a whole new knowing, a completely new set of knowledge and awareness. Life as you knew it, life as you planned it, life as it will be from now on, all transformed. All carefully crafted in a way that has depleted your path from the person you loved so dearly. 

Grief delivers a whole new knowing, a new set of pain and longing only known by others who have experienced it. It is delicate and harsh at the exact same time. It wakes you up, a new kind of awakening. One you can’t plan for and one that will change with each day, each moment and each breath. 

Grief brings a whole new knowing, a new sense of reflection and reminiscence. The kind of reflection that brings both joy and sorrow. The kind that brings both a smile and a tear. The kind known only by someone who’s experienced a forever absence. The kind that is hard to accept and even harder to live with indefinitely. 

Grief delivers a whole new knowing, of life, of love, of faith. It forces you to reevaluate and recompose your future. It forces you to keep stepping into a life void of someone you love. It forces new feelings and new realities. It forces a new path and a new plan. It changes everything. 

Grief comes with a whole new knowing. 

A new knowing of love.

A new knowing of relationships.

A new knowing of faith.

A new knowing of hope.

A new knowing of time.

A new knowing of what’s important.

A new knowing of life.

Grief delivers a whole new knowing and life is never the same.

xox, Chels

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