Happy Mother’s Day to the Mother’s Gone Too Soon….

May 9, 2021

To the mothers buried beneath the earth and risen above the clouds. To the mothers reduced to dust and ashes. The ones that left too soon. 

To the mothers loved fiercely and missed with a magnitude greater than the sun and the moon and the stars. 

For the great ones, the beautiful ones, the ones soaring on angels wings or intertwined with the graceful breeze. The ones that are remembered always, with both a tear and a smile. 

The mothers reduced to shadows and memories, the ones we celebrate today in a unique way. A way that celebrates even in the midst of an absence. Filled with as much hope and joy as sorrow and longing. 

This is for you, the mothers in heaven, the mothers no longer here on earth in their full capacity. The ones we would have kept forever. The ones we were lucky to have, if only for a short and delicate time. 

The mothers who won’t get cards or flowers or physical gifts but instead will get remembrance, memorials and one-sided celebrations. The ones so special and unique even their absence cannot stop their love and influence. The ones worth missing. 

To you, precious mothers in eternity, somewhere out of our reach, we say: Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for loving us so beautifully, even in your absence. 

You are missed. In the small moments and in the big. In the celebratory and the sorrowful. You are missed, always. 

You are loved. In the day and in the night. In the trying and the cheerful. In our hearts and our minds and our entire being. You are loved, always.

You are celebrated. Today, on this day meant for mothers, and also every single other day. Your absence doesn’t change the blessing you are. Your absence doesn’t change your worthiness to be admired, honored and recognized. You may be celebrated differently now that you’re gone, but you are celebrated. 

We will say your name. We will talk about you. We will remember you. We will celebrate, honor and admire the mother we were so lucky to have. 

It will hurt. It will sting and it will ache. This day will be more complicated than we could explain to outsiders, but we are yours and you raised us to be strong and independent and built with courage. 

So, with tears and longing and bold wishes that things were different, we will celebrate the beautiful mother you are. You’re the kind of mother that holds just as much influence from eternity as you did on Earth. We’ve learned not all mothers are like that, that makes us the luckiest. 

Happy Mother’s Day sweet mothers in heaven.

Happy Mother’s Day precious mothers dancing with the angels or soaring in the clouds.

Happy Mother’s Day priceless mothers hidden in the shadows and invisible in the breeze.

Happy Mother’s Day to the mothers who entered eternity before we were ready. 

Happy Mother’s Day to the mothers gone too soon. 

We are your legacy and we are the luckiest. 

The absolute luckiest because we had a mother like you. 

xox, Chels

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  1. Susan Hutton says:

    Your writing are beautiful..

    • chelseaohlemiller says:

      Susan, Thank you so much for these kind words. I appreciate them more than you know. xox, Chels

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