Hitchhiking through Grief

The moment my mother died it was as if my life had been hijacked.  Like I was suddenly placed in the middle of nowhere, on the side of the highway. Thumb out with someone else in charge of where I was going and where I’d end up.  Like hitchhiking.  Begging for someone, anyone, to pick me up and take me somewhere, far from the pain and experience that surrounded me. Desperate to be taken from the heartbreak and far away from this unknown place I’d found myself in.  Hitchhiking towards a different life.  A different middle.  A different ending.  A different journey.  The kind of journey that had the possibility to time travel, back to the good, the normal, the great. The time and place where my mother was still here and I wasn’t stuck in this unknown space, surrounded by fear and the unknown of how to continue life without her.  She died and I found myself hitchhiking through grief and this “new normal”, which was really not normal at all. There would be no “new normal”, instead there would only be a life without my mother, though no one would say or admit that truth.  My future no … Continue reading Hitchhiking through Grief