Is Time Different In Heaven?

August 17, 2020

Is time different in heaven? 
Down here we know the days, the weeks, and the growing years of your absence. We count them. We acknowledge their consequences on our hearts and lives. Time here on Earth without you is heavy. It’s a blend of beauty and pain, appreciation and regret, and love and loss. 

Is time different in heaven? 
Can you see the days pass and the moments missed? Can you see the difficulty in the nighttime and the joy in the mornings?

Are there beautiful sunrises and breathtaking sunsets? Is there day and night? Do you see the “good morning” kisses and hear the “goodnight” songs? 

Is time different in heaven? 
Can you see birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays? Do you celebrate with us from afar? Do you see the constant recognition of your absence? Can you see and hear the longing?

Is time different in heaven? 
Can you see us mature and age? Can you see your children transform into parents and your grandchildren transform bigger and bigger with each passing moment? Can you see who everyone is becoming? Are you proud?

Is time different in heaven? 
Does it slip through your fingers quickly, like it does here? Does it exist? Is it ever wasted? Is it well-spent? Does it move slowly and pass quickly?  

Time, a complicated measurement of the beautiful life we are living without you here with us.

Down here, without you, time is more noticeable than ever. It’s powerful and mighty.

So, tell me, is time different in heaven?

xox, Chels
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4 responses to “Is Time Different In Heaven?”

  1. This is truly so beautifully written for all of us wondering that same thing 💗

  2. Angie says:

    I wonder these same things so many questions Thank you for this

  3. Cindy says:

    WOW! I’m left with no words just tears streaming down my face! You said it all so perfectly and asked everything I’d love to ask my Mamma. Even at 46, I wasn’t ready to lose her 2 years ago. She’s all I had, no other family. Life is very lonely, holidays are gut wrenching. Thank you so much for sharing

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