Looking At You, Sweet Girl

July 2, 2020

I will never stop looking at you like this. With a sparkle in my eye and a smile across my face. I will never stop staring at you with amazement and awe. You are my daughter and you occupy an entire space of my heart. 

You could be 5, you could be 50, my love will always find you. It will always surround you. It’s endless and timeless, just like the sparkle you cause in my soul.

I will never stop looking at you with love, with understanding, with grace. There will be hard times. You will mess up. You’ll fail. You’ll say things you don’t mean and do things you’re not proud of, but I’ll never stop looking at you with a smile, and a heart full of pride.

The hard days will be minuscule compared to the days filled with joy, happiness, and beauty. 

I’ll push you to be the best and truest version of yourself. I’ll support you as you grow and seek adventure. The little girl you are now is not who you’ll be years down the road, a serendipitous blessing. 

No matter what, I’ll look at you like this. Whether near or far, when I think of you, I smile. The kind of smile that lights up my face because it comes from the heart. 

I’ll never stop looking at you like the blessing and miracle that you are. You are my daughter and I love you so. 

xox, Mommy

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