Love Me Like A Song

February 14, 2020

For me, it was a Brad Paisley song. For my husband, it was the lyrics of John Legend. Both of us, out there searching to be loved like our favorite love song. Hoping to be wanted, admired, and adored like the poetic melodies of our favorite radio tunes. 

It’s always been easy for me to become carried away and mesmerized by a song. From the first note I become effortlessly lost in the rhythm and romantic phrases. Like those songs, what I desired and dreamed of, was to be lost in love. Completely enamored by someone. Love-struck and captivated by a single person and their entire being. And I wanted someone to be just as enamored and captivated by me. 

I had no idea that love could reflect the unfeigned lyrics of a song. That changed the day I met my husband. He redesigned my view of love and romance. He made life more meaningful and just as beautiful as the lyrics I had been clinging to for years. 

After some time of dwindling hope, a new song and love would find me. One better than the love songs listened to and dreamed of. Better, because it was ours. Better, because it was real and pure. Better because it was selfless and easy. 

Enchanting because we were both in love and loved, all at the same time. We had both found someone to love us in our entirety, and love us in a way that resembled the catchy tunes we had been silently singing. All of me loved all of him, and the same was true for him. 

He loved me like a song, and I loved him the same. Better than a song, actually. Immensely better than the familiar lyrics I had been singing. We were slowly creating our own love song. One designed with vulnerability and passion. One written with unique notes, and melodies, and lyrics. One designed by our hearts, and solidified by our souls. 

He loved me like a song, and I loved him the same. And the song was ours.

Now, his love is poetically written on my heart, forever. 

He doesn’t just love me like a song, he crafted a song of our own and we sing it joyfully every day. 

xox, Chels

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