Mother’s Day: To the Mothers Gone too Soon

May 12, 2024

Many mothers will be celebrated today in ways that involve remembrance instead of hugs and warm embraces. They’ll be seen in old photographs and old videos, not in person. They’ll be seen in the faces and names that have been etched onto stone, not in their favorite seat at the dinner table. They’ll be thought of with tears and love, ache and longing, missed more than words could ever say. 

They are the mothers who have passed, the mothers gone too soon— the mothers honored in the memories, unfortunately not able to craft new ones. 

They are the mothers in eternity and simultaneously also in the hearts of those that they loved– a place they stay, always. Never forgotten and still admired and abundantly loved. 

They are mothers that leave behind daughters, and sons, and families that will have watery eyes thinking of their greatness, thinking of the legacy, and the impact they left behind. 

They are the mothers you see here, with smiles that make you feel safe with just one glance. With eyes that speak to you and say, “You are mine. You are loved. You make me proud.” With hands that so delicately held you, hugged you, and made you feel like you were cared for in ways that only a mother can– in ways you miss. 

They are the mothers you hope to become, the ones worth replicating– the good ones, the best ones. The ones who probably never won awards or achieved celebrity status, but the ones that made you feel like you could conquer the world. The ones that made you feel like you could move mountains, and if you failed, they’d move them for you. 

They’re the mothers that could predict your heartbreak before you felt it coming. The mothers who tried to shield you from pain while also giving you the confidence to dream big and love without limits. The ones who taught you the power of roots and wings, silently praying you didn’t drift too far. The ones who believed in you before you believed in yourself, never wavering in their support or their motherly love.

They’re the mothers that never missed a game, a performance, or a birthday– showing up in any way they could to make you feel adored and special. They’re the mother’s who baked the cakes, cooked the meals, chaperoned the field trips, and when they couldn’t it was because they were working fiercely to ensure you could live fully and experience things they never could. 

They’re the mothers that said and did everything for you– her children. 

Today, this Mother’s Day, we celebrate, we remember, we honor the mothers who are still showing up for us, for you– from heaven, from eternity, from wherever it is they wholeheartedly believed they’d end up. From the place they knew they’d eventually be called to, away from you physically, but never completely.

These mothers are worth acknowledging. They’re worth celebrating in big and bold ways too. Their life may have been cut short, but their impact and their legacy are not. They survive– beautifully, effortlessly, endlessly through us. 

To the unforgettable mothers in eternity, somewhere out of our reach, we say: Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. Thank you for loving us beautifully beyond your last breaths and showing up for us, even beyond your death. 

Your absence has and never will change the blessing you are. Your absence doesn’t change your worthiness to be admired, honored and recognized. You may be celebrated differently now that you’re gone, but you are celebrated. 

We will say your name. We will talk about you. We will remember you. 

We will celebrate, honor and admire the mother we were so incredibly grateful to have. 

And if we’re lucky, really lucky, we’ll become like you.

Happy Mother’s Day– to all of our mothers in heaven.

xox, Chels

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