National Grief Awareness Day: On Grief

August 30, 2020

About GRIEF:

It comes from love. Immense love. Love transformed, not lost. 

It comes in waves. Unpredictable waves. Waves that will both carry you and knock you down. Waves that will allow you to float and also sink you down so deep, you think you’ll never resurface.

It cannot be ignored. It is powerful and mighty. 

It can give you purpose that you’ve never had before. Igniting pieces of your heart and soul that were once hidden and tucked away. 

It never stops. It never goes away. Instead, it stays with you like an uninvited guest and an unwanted companion.

It teaches you things. Things you’re not ready to learn and things you are. The lessons of grief ache, but they also have great value if you pay attention.

It can be lessened with remembrance, hope, and time. Time doesn’t heal your grief, it simply changes your perspective. 

Never be ashamed of your grief. Never lock it up or hide it from the world. It’s a beautiful piece of you, created by love and gifting you the opportunity to become someone’s legacy. 

xox, Chels 


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2 responses to “National Grief Awareness Day: On Grief”

  1. Rebecca Sedgwick says:

    You certainly hit the nail on the head with your comments on grief. I tell people that time does not take away the pain but it does soften it. After 33 years I find my eyes ‘leaking” at the most in opportune time that I never knew was coming. Death makes you read a chapter of a book that you would sooner skip. I do find that serving others gives me peace and helps in times of despair knowing that there are others that are so much worse off than how I feel. Thank you for being able to phrase grief so eloquently.

    • chelseaohlemiller says:

      Rebecca, thank you so much for reading my work and taking the time to comment. I appreciate your kind words. I also agree that I find my emotions come at the most in opportune times as well. I’m 3 years in, and sometimes it feels like minutes, other times it feels like a lifetime ago. Thank you for reading the words that flow straight from my heart! I hope you’ll keep coming back. xox, Chels

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