Our New Path with Allergies & Allergic Reactions

November 3, 2018

Last week our 4-month-old son had a severe allergic reaction when given formula for the first time. If you’re new to my website, find the story here. This scary situation led us to immediate referrals for Pediatric Allergists.

Last Friday, I sat at the allergist’s office for hours, waiting for answers and curious of the process. They inquired about our trip to the ER, asking endless questions, and ultimately performing skin tests. Our little guy didn’t cry once. The same test that had my twenty-year-old cousin passing out last year, was given to our happy boy, who didn’t make a peep. Might have a Super Baby or might have a sensitive cousin, either way, Hyland was a rockstar. The nurses couldn’t believe how smiley our little guy was, especially given the circumstances. They don’t have the privilege of seeing him  in person or on Facebook to know he’s always this cute and charismatic.

Tests were performed and within minutes we had an outcome. We were given answers to the questions we’ve been living with since our stint in the ER. Happy to have results, but a little overwhelmed with the diagnosis. We were told our son has an anaphylactic allergy to dairy.  I listened as the doctor explained the new road we would be on, checking labels and educating our friends and family. Tears streamed down my face.

Dr. Farooqui, allergist extraordinaire, was extremely knowledgeable and kind as he delivered ample amounts of information. Our 4-month-old was prescribed an AUVI-Q, a brand of epinephrine injection. We were given two folders of information to familiarize ourselves. I tried to listen to every word intently. After all, this was extremely important information. I have to be honest, some of the information slid right through my overwhelmed mind. I do vividly remember him telling me that dairy was in almost everything, even Goldfish crackers. I remember picturing Goldfish crackers and contemplating every item at the grocery store and whether or not it would contain some form of dairy.

Thanks to Dr. Farooqui and his talented staff, we left with answers and a hopeful heart that this is an allergy our sweet boy can outgrow. Now, we will walk this new road with the information we’ve been given. We will try to be as knowledgeable as we can with Hyland’s new diagnosis.

This is a small hiccup that will change the way we eat and shop. In the scheme of things, we have an extremely happy and healthy baby, who just happens to have a dairy allergy.

Thank you to everyone for the love and support. Prayers we can outgrow this and until then have an uneventful allergy experience.

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  1. Tracy says:

    It is so much to learn at first! Praying for you. ❤️

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