Presence of Grief & Imprisonment of Grief

The presence of grief is unavoidable, but the prison of grief is optional. Simple statement, hard path and perspective to follow. However, it’s one we must remind ourselves of daily and seek with a fierce determination.  Grief entered our lives and caused immense pain and involuntary change. We are now forced to live with both of those realities while also reminding ourselves of the blessings and gifts that remain.  We must constantly look through the heartbreak and actively search for the things that remain. Love remains. Purpose remains. Hope remains.  Happiness remains.  Life remains. Though it will be catastrophically different, it will remain. Though it will be clouded and shadowed by grief, it will remain.  Grief will become like a shadow, constantly around, faint or dark depending on the light. Grief will become like an unavoidable companion, overstaying its welcome, uninvited, but there with you always.  Grief needs to be acknowledged, seen and heard but it does not need to be empowered. It does not need to become a prison, blocking the gifts of our life and our future yet to come. Grief is inescapable, but the imprisonment of grief on your life, heart and soul is a choice. Your … Continue reading Presence of Grief & Imprisonment of Grief