School Choices & Thick Judgement

July 15, 2020

We made our choice. The decision of how we’ll handle the upcoming school year. 

I shouldn’t be scared to tell others our decision, but I am. There is thick judgement in the air lately. 

Motherhood is a messy and complex miracle, painted with endless choices. 

Safety choices. 

Health choices. 

Education choices. 

Activity choices. 

All kinds of choices. 

The beauty is that they are ours to make. The harsh reality is that they are often judged by others. They are often misunderstood or not accepted. And while that sometimes stings, I find comfort knowing my choices are always well thought out. Crafted through the heart and the mind. 

As the school year closes in on us, and difficult decisions are made… Walk with grace. Talk with compassion. Listen with love and understanding. 

The world is scary. Conversations with those we love shouldn’t be. 

We are all different. What’s right for some, is wrong for others. We need to be loved through our choices, even if they don’t align.

Physical option.

Virtual option.

Homeschool option.

Private option.

Public options. 

Options exist because we are a diverse population. Uniquely created. Uniquely designed. 

Different needs. Different circumstances. Different goals. Different challenges and different struggles. Same heart and motivation. 

Please be kind. Please be gentle. 

Life is harsh and scary. Conversations with those we love shouldn’t be. 

Continue loving us, even if you don’t love our decisions. 

xox, Chels

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