Someone Worth Missing, My Mother

August 12, 2020

I miss her. 

She’s been gone longer than I’d like to admit or internalize. She was taken far too soon. 

I still need her. 

I still love her.

I still long for her, cry for her, and pray fiercely that things were different. 

I miss her. 

She was living beautifully, with comfort and normalcy, and in an instant everything changed. In an instant everything was different. My world collapsed, my heart broke. 

I miss her. 

She fought hard, braved a long and challenging battle. She didn’t lose. She simply gave in to eternity and put her hope and faith into heaven. She gained wings as I was reduced to scattered pieces, raw and destroyed. 

I miss her. 

She’s no longer here. Her earthly body and soul have transformed into her forever being, embraced by God and held by Jesus. She is out of sight, but forever in our hearts. Gone but not forgotten. Beautiful pieces of her remain, they always will. 

I miss her. 

I always will. 

She’s someone worth missing. She’s my mother. 

xox, Chels

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4 responses to “Someone Worth Missing, My Mother”

  1. Shannon Fleet says:

    Please may I use this for our private widows page, I would like to change the she to he, as it’s our husbands, I will put your name as writer

    • chelseaohlemiller says:

      Hi Shannon! I emailed you about this inquiry! Thanks so much for reading my work and considering sharing with your group. I’m honored. <3, Chels

  2. Kelli says:

    This is so beautiful and perfectly said…I couldn’t have said it better, and would love to share this, with your name as the author of course. Is that possible? Thanks for considering my request.

  3. Satrina says:

    Hi. I have been saving your blog to read and I wanted to say thank you and tell you I appreciate you and your strength it took to write these for ppl like myself and others who can relate to losing their Mother! I find Peace in reading them and I would like you permission to share.

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