Sprinklers & the Joy of Motherhood

July 27, 2020

She watches as they take quick passes through the sprinklers. They laugh and giggle and run. She recognizes the charismatic sounds. It’s the sound of motherhood. The sound of joy and fun and adventure. 

Their little bodies are soaking wet. There is something so mesmerizing about the way they prance and sway. The way they are fully engaged in innocent fun. 

She is happy. So full of joy and gratitude. Motherhood is hard, but here in this moment, it’s relaxed and cheerful. 

The neighbors wave, smiling at the kids and their loud and noticeable laughter. You can tell the sounds take them back. You can almost see the reminiscence in their hearts. It makes her smile. It makes her already immense gratitude even larger. 

She glances back at the kids, quickly distracted by their freedom and grace. She prays to remember this moment on the hard days. She prays to remember this moment in times of struggle and exhaustion. 

She takes one intentional look up and thanks God for her biggest gifts and treasures, the three of them, her children. The pieces of her heart that are loud and mighty. The pieces of her that make her a mother. 

The simple moments.

The little laughs. 

The effortless fun. 

These children.

This is the joy of motherhood. 

xox, Chels

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