The Best Dream Ever

July 22, 2020

I walk into his room, ready to wake him for the day. Before I can whisper “good morning”, he rolls over, rubs his eyes and exclaims, “Mom, that was the best dream ever!” His words catch my attention as he continues, “It was a great day. The coronavirus was over and we all celebrated with the biggest party at school.”

The best dream ever. 

Coronavirus gone, celebrated with parties at school. 

His dreams are the wishes of every parent I know. The aching wishes of our resilient kiddos. A world where there is school and fun, and no illness. 

I smile at him and hug him tight, unsure of what to say. As he looks up at me, waiting for a response, I simply say…

“That dream sounds like my prayers every night. It sounds like my hopes and my wishes. It sounds like everything I keep longing for. Buddy, your dream sounds so much like my heart’s biggest wants.”

He smiles innocently and lets me kiss his cheek. He gets out of bed and begins his day, already racing past the remembrance of dreams and the wishes of his mother’s heart. His resiliency and hope carries him. It carries all of us. 

The best dream ever. 

A world with an abundance of health and love and time spent with loved ones. 

A world free of pandemics and harsh unknowns.

A world with school and fun and carefree hope. 

A world I hope we get back to one day. And when we do, I’ll cherish and appreciate it like I should have been all along. 

The best dream ever. The simple wishes of our children. A dream free of pandemics and the safety and fun of school. If “A dream is a wish your heart makes”, I certainly hope this dream comes true and his sweet little heart gets the wishes it so desperately holds. 

xox, Chels

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