The One Who Took the Reins

August 2, 2020

Technically she’s my aunt, my mother’s sister. Although, growing up people always thought we were sisters since we were closer in age than her and my mother. Either way, those titles don’t describe the beauty and blessing of that relationship. 

She’s a friend.

A listener.

A supporter.

A confidant.

An encourager.

She’s a shoulder to cry on, a faithful person to pray for me and over me, and a solid rock to lean on. No title or description could accurately portray her worth and her value. 

She is priceless.

She’s the person that picked up the pieces after my mother passed. As if she was elegantly handed the torch to carry and keep lit, guiding the way with love and tradition. She carries pieces of my mother with her everywhere she goes. It’s a beautiful treasure.

She walks around not knowing her influence or the immense way she is loved and appreciated. She might not even truly understand her place in our hearts and the depths of our adoration. 

She is a healer. She is a protector. She is a gift. 

Who took the reins when your loved one left this earth? Who helped pick up the pieces and worked to create something beautiful with them? Have you told them? 

Start now. I am.

Thank you, Mimi. You are loved and appreciated beyond measure. 

xox, Chels

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