Why Doesn’t God Heal Everyone?

November 23, 2021

My social media feed has been filled lately with the obituaries of people I once knew. In the last week I’ve seen the deaths of both the young and the old. Death does not discriminate. The common theme in each death has been cancer. 

As I look at the pictures of each beautiful soul who left too soon, standing next to their family who is now without them, I find myself asking, “Why doesn’t God heal everyone?”

Why her? Why him? Why that family? Why no miracle or no cure? Why no healing? Surely each one of these beautiful souls were worthy of that gift.

Why doesn’t God heal everyone?

Why not my mother? Or her father? Or his son or her daughter or each one of the bodies that died crippled by this powerful disease? Surely each one of these priceless souls were worthy of continued living.

Why doesn’t God heal everyone?

Why is there still no cure? Why do these diagnoses still feel hopeless and unwinnable? Why does the world hold the power of a disease like cancer, stealing the people we love?

Why doesn’t God heal everyone?

Why do so many people we love find themselves in this battle, with this disease that just the name itself can knock a person to their knees? Why is each day filled with new announcements of this disease’s fatal grips? 

Why doesn’t God heal everyone?

I know I’m asking an unanswerable question but it’s something my heart demands answers to. My family has been ripped apart by the absence that this disease has caused. Every single person I love has been touched by the darkness brought by losing someone to this disease.

As I find myself on the floor debilitated by pain and heartbreak and an extreme flow of tears I suddenly feel a warmth and a knowing. I hear whispers that only I can feel and hear. I feel the comfort of my mother as if she is standing behind me, a reality that absolutely couldn’t be because she was taken from me years ago.

I don’t look up in fear that this moment will escape me. I keep my eyes closed and simply listen and intently embrace whatever is happening. As my body becomes still and my crying becomes silent, I hear…

“My beautiful girl, he has and he does. I am healed, we all are. God does heal everyone. It’s just that sometimes we are healed in a way that this earth cannot comprehend or witness. We are healed after the final goodbye, which means we were healed after the ability for you to benefit from that gift.”

“My sweet child, I am healed. We all are. I wish you could see it. I wish you all could feel it. I hate that you are burdened with this pain that I cannot take, while all of us are up here feeling only joy and gratitude. I love you. Heaven is filled with love. No disease, no illness, only love.”

When I finally open my eyes I am the only one in the room. My mother is not standing there even though I could hear her voice and feel her presence. But there is something different about this moment that makes it feel real. I feel a peace that I have never felt before. 

I suddenly feel like my unanswerable question has been answered in the most beautiful way possible. A way that gave me a glimpse into eternity and the gift of love sent from heaven.

Now when I find myself grounded by grief and the question “Why doesn’t God heal everyone?” I take a deep breath, I pause, and I remember the words of those whispers. He does. He does heal  everyone. Sadly, sometimes that healing occurs after we’ve already said goodbye.

God does heal everyone but sometimes we simply aren’t worthy of witnessing that miracle.

xox, Chels 

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  1. Bette Resis says:

    My mother died when I was 26 years old of cancer…..almost 50 years later I still ask that question & still am angry that she was taken away so soon & missed seeing her grandchildren & all that has happened…..She died in a great deal of pain & I still ask why……I have never felt surrounded by her & nothing brings me comfort…..I always ask why……I needed her physically with me & cancer took her horribly away

  2. Diane says:

    People get sick because in the beginning of time Adam and Eve sinned . Since that time there have been sicknesses and diseases and will be till this world ends and Jesus comes back. Just think if we were born and had sickness and diseases and could never die what would that be like??
    I have lost 2 infants and father, and step father. And my mother is standing on thresh hold of death with Parkinson’s and she is so miserable and unhappy. I’m glad there is a place called heaven. We will be together again! Thank You Jesus for making a way when it looked like no way !!!!! In Jesus name Amen

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