Today He Is Two

June 4, 2020

I’m watching my baby boy on the monitor. He’s stirring around in his crib, not quite ready for the day. He’s too little to know and anticipate, but today is his birthday. Today he turns two. The past two years have been a whirlwind of emotion and bliss and joy.

I am mesmerized by the blessing that this little boy is. We found out he’d be joining our family just months after my mother passed away. He was created during a time where I had lost hope and only housed grief, loss, and heartbreak. He was created in the darkest of days to bring light.

He was created to serve a greater purpose than we ever could have imagined. He was a blessing and gift that helped mend our broken hearts.

He was a gift of hope, of love, and of grace. He was a reminder of the life left to live and the extension of a legacy that would not be forgotten. He was a piece of me, which meant another tiny piece of my mother was entering the world too.

My mother was gone. As I was shattering from the loss of her life, her love, and her future, I became so gracious for the bundle of joy that would once again keep her memory alive. With each day that I felt my mother’s presence fade, I was reminded of the piece of her that was growing inside of me. She could never be forgotten. Her presence could never disappear. She had living legacy’s walking around honoring her in the most beautiful of ways, grandchildren.

This little boy, this handsome two year old, is a precious miracle. From the moment we found out about him, we knew he was special. We could feel his unique and intricate markings on our lives.

This boy is a healer of hearts.
This boy is a blessing in the midst of grief.
He is joy. He is light. He is love.
He is sparkle and laughter and dance.

He showed up at the perfect time and made our family and hearts full.

Today he is two, and we are two years blessed by his presence.

xox, Chels

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