Bold Moves

November 16, 2020

I’m cuddled up listening to this week’s online sermon, a familiar experience on Sunday mornings. It’s different than experiencing church in person, but I still find myself lifted and inspired with each passing week. Today the pastor is discussing faith. 

As he gets further and further into his message he says: “Faith is making bold moves, into an unknown future, with reliable information.” I’m instantly connected and drawn to his words.

Bold moves.

Unknown futures.


As he continues to share the bold moves he’s made in his life, with specificity to his marriage, tears are streaming down my face. His words are powerful and mighty. They have me reflecting on my own life, my own marriage, and my own bold moves. Before I can wipe the consistent stream of tears, my husband leans over and softly whispers in my ear. 

Proudly, he says, “We’ve made some bold moves”, as he kisses me on the cheek. 

He’s right. We’ve made bold moves, lots of them actually. When we met we were two imperfect and flawed people. We had pasts that weren’t as we envisioned. We had failures we weren’t proud of. We had experiences that completely restructured who we were. From the very moment we met, no matter how damaged and broken we were, we frequently made bold moves towards one another. 

Bold moves in love.

Bold moves in trust.

Bold moves toward the lives we always wanted.

Bold moves towards one another. 

Bold moves into the future, our future.

We’d already known failure and defeat, yet we never let it keep us from stepping forward into a life that felt right, together. We knew only pieces of one another, yet we boldly jumped together into an unknown future. That’s faith. That’s hope. That’s love. It’s trust into the unknowing.

Constantly taking bold moves towards the future, together, even if we didn’t know the outcome.

Truth be told, the biggest blessings in my life have come from the risky and fearful bold moves. The ones others didn’t always understand or acknowledge. The ones that felt scary and vulnerable. The ones that took courage and bravery. 

At the time my husband delicately whispered in my ear, I was too emotional to respond but what I wish I would have said is this: “Let’s keep making bold moves, baby. Those moves have led to beautiful things. The best decision I’ve ever made is to continue making bold moves with you.”

Keep making bold moves, friends. There is beauty on the other side of the unknowns. 

xox, Chels

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