Empty Spaces & Love

November 27, 2020

Chairs will be empty this holiday season. Vacant more than any year before. Emptier than usual, unable to be filled or occupied. 

Empty spaces for more reasons than loss and death. 

Empty for precaution.

Empty for safety. 

Empty for the hope that next year, they can be filled again. 

Some seats are empty for the time being. 

Some are empty permanently. 

Both hurt, both sting. 

One forever, one temporary. 

Either way, empty. 

Empty and painful. 

This year, when you find yourself with empty spaces and empty seats, honor the love and person that occupied that seat. 

Remind yourself that while the seat is empty, your heart is not, for it is filled with love and endless influence. 

While the space is empty, your memories are not, for they are filled with reminiscence and joyful echoes of the past.  

While there are vacant seats and unoccupied spots, your mind and soul aren’t vacant of the love or blessings you’ve been gifted. 

Empty spaces only ache because you were blessed to know what it feels like to have that spot filled. And that is worth celebrating, and remembering, and honoring, in the midst of the ache. 

We’ve been blessed with beautiful people and priceless love, remember that when you find yourself overwhelmed with the vacancies that surround you. 

xox, Chels

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