Prayed For

April 24, 2020

She doesn’t know it, but right now, I’m praying for her. 

She’s an incredible woman. A woman that crosses my mind and heart often, and she is fighting.

Fighting a disease. 

Fighting side effects of the disease. 

Fighting for her life. 

She is strong and courageous and an inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with. She’s the kind of woman who notices people and makes them feel seen. She’s the kind of woman who gives grace and kindness effortlessly. She’s the kind of woman you meet and never forget. The kind you feel blessed to know. 

Today, I sit here praying for her. I pray for her often. She needs these prayers. She deserves them. I pray with special intentions and a heart full of hope. 

I pray she is blessed with an abundance of days and years and memories. 

I pray she is given a life and timeline that defeats any estimates by doctors and scientists. 

I pray she finds a miracle, a cure. 

I pray she feels wrapped in love and comfort, always.

I pray she knows her endless influence, and the inspiration she sparks in people’s hearts and souls. 

I pray she finds peace, and adventure, and lives out all of her dreams. 

I pray for her, often and fiercely. She doesn’t know, and she doesn’t need to. These are quiet conversations between me and the man upstairs. Silent requests in my heart that I send up in her favor. I only hope she can feel the wishes and prayers from afar. 

She is an incredible woman, and she is prayed for. 

xox, Chels

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