The Same God

July 27, 2022

The God that called my mother home before we were ready is the same God that sent me the love of my life. 

The God that didn’t save my mother from a ghastly disease is the same God that gave me the title of mother and tiny blessings to go with it. 

The God that didn’t answer prayers for my mother‘s healing is the same God that has answered prayers for my own. 

The God that didn’t give my mother a life with many years is the same God that keeps adding years to mine. 

The God that allowed my mother to die is the same one she fiercely believed would be waiting for her in eternity. 

How can they be the same? 

How can the same creator cause immeasurable gifts while also causing insurmountable pain?  

How can they be the same? 

How can the same creator hold both beauty and miracle and also horror and hell? How can the same creator craft love and also death and endings? 

The very God I remain faithful to is the one who sometimes shatters my faith too– challenging everything I believe and hope for. The very God I pray to each night is the same one who leaves me with unanswered questions and heartbreak. 

How can they be the same? 

Please, tell me, how can they be the same? 

xox, Chels

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