Whoever Gets There Next

July 18, 2022

Whoever gets there next, to the place above the clouds and the destination some call heaven, please find my mother. You’ll know it’s her because she has a smile that lights even the darkest places and an aura of pure kindness and compassion. 

Please, when you get there, find her.

Whoever gets there next, please tell her how much I love her. Please tell her that she never leaves our minds or our hearts and that we carry her love and influence into each new moment we encounter. Tell her she is loved without limits or boundaries.

Whoever gets there next, hug her for me—the kind of hug that exudes love and adoration. Squeeze her tightly and tell her how much I miss the way she’d embrace me like only a mother can. Show her she is missed with an intensity as strong as her love.

Whoever gets there next, hold her hand as you walk with her, the way we used to do. Feel how she soothes your fears and worries with one simple touch. Tell her how much I miss those simple things and how when I look at my hands now, I see hers, the way they once were. Tell her that no amount of time can erase the impact of her motherly embrace.  

Whoever gets there next, remind her to look down at all of the new additions to our family. Make sure she spends time watching over all of us, even the ones she never got to properly meet. They all know her, we’ve made sure of it. She’d have a house full of grandchildren if she were here. Make sure she knows her influence will shine on them too, even from eternity. Please show her the infinite lengths of her legacy.

Whoever gets there next, please make sure she’s ok. Make sure she’s happy and free and healthy. Make sure she has been cleansed from the disease that stole her away from us. Make sure she is content and still feels as loved and as admired as when she was down here with us. Check on her and tell her we told you to. She’ll understand that worry doesn’t stop when someone leaves for eternity.

Whoever gets there next, please stay with her the way we wish we could. Please never let her forget how unforgettable she is. Please never let her forget how much she is loved and fiercely missed. Please never let her forget us, the way we’ll never forget her.

Whoever gets there next, to the place in eternity where my beautiful mother resides, please find her and make sure she knows she is and will always be the greatest woman I’ve ever known. Please tell her that every time she sees me looking up, I’m searching for her. Please tell her I hope she’s pleased with who I’m becoming and cheering me on from afar. I pray that she has a view of all she’s missing, one greater than we could ever imagine. 

Whoever gets there next, please find my mother and tell her I’ll find her when it’s my time but until then let her know that every good piece of me is because of her and I’m working every day to make her proud. We all are. 

xox, Chels

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