A Man Named George

August 23, 2021

His name was George but we really knew him as an angel on Earth. It was as if all the gentle, selfless, compassionate older men from the movies were crafted from his actual being. He embodied so many things that made him exceptional, the greatest was his love. 

The way he loved his family was undeniable, quiet but steady and unwavering. The way he loved his friends and neighbors was powerful, a precious gift. Even the way he loved strangers on the street was admirable. He had a bold faith that carried him and grit that made him seem like a superhero. 

He showed up for those he loved, always and with a smile. Never asking for anything in return and usually so silent and unobserved, you’d never know he was there. Whether it was mowing a neighbor’s lawn or shoveling the driveway of a chemo-stricken friend, he always showed up. 

He made such a deep impact on our hearts and our lives that not only will he never be forgotten but we’ll strive to be like him. We’ll strive to raise a future generation full of the tradition, empathy, strength and kindness that a man named George brought to the world. A man who embodied the beauty of the world and the people in it. His influence is endless.

A man named George. 

A husband. 

A father. 

A grandfather.

A friend. 

A neighbor. 

An angel on earth. 

A man that was so many things to so many people.

A man whose last gift is a legacy filled with hope, light and an abundance of love to carry everyone through. 

He held a strength that was inspiring, even in his toughest of times. He lived a life with immense purpose and meaning, one that made him a hero to many. His name was George, but really he was a million priceless things to everyone who knew him. 

He’s someone we were lucky to know and someone we’ll always miss. 

xox, Chels

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