A Superhero on Camera

May 17, 2020

Today we captured a superhero on our security camera. 

The kind of superhero that goes by the name of Teacher. 

The kind of hero that works hard and with immense dedication. 

The kind of superhero that possesses the powers to teach and also touch hearts. 

A superhero who inbetween E-learning, and Zoom calls, sneaks over to houses to present little tokens of love for her students. It’s not required. It’s simply one of the many “extras” teachers provide. 

Extra support. Extra time. Extra compassion. Extra effort. Extra kindness. Extra love. 

These superheroes, these teachers, they are the peace-makers and inspiration-leaders of our children’s minds and lives. They make the impossible seem possible. They use goodness and light to conquer. 

A superhero by definition is someone who does heroic deeds in ways a normal person couldn’t. They have power that is exceptional and unique. This is the exact job description of a teacher. They do heroic deeds each and every day in creative, memorable, and influential ways. Ways that most people couldn’t. 

They aren’t taught these skills in schools or universities. They are born with them. They are extensions of their heart and soul. Teachers are born superheros and today we caught one on camera. We caught a glimpse into the selfless and unconditional support of a superhero. 

She wears no cape. She wears no armor or mask. She is clothed in love, grace, patience, knowledge, passion, and influence. 

She’s a teacher and a superhero, though she probably wouldn’t accept the title. To her, it is a calling, not something to be glorified. 

But she is, she’s a superhero. 

The good ones are. 

A superhero teacher’s support isn’t confined to the school walls. Today was proof. 

Today we caught a superhero on camera. Her name is teacher. 

xox, Chels

Written for Mrs. Behny. A teacher and true blessing to our sweet girl.
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