Local Bookstore Needs Our Help

June 19, 2024

A small bookstore in my hometown of Lebanon, Indiana needs our help. A couple of days ago I saw a post about their current situation and current struggles–how sales are needed so they can remain in business serving our community. 

This local bookshop isn’t just a place to buy books. It’s owned and operated by individuals that are out in the community at events, showing up to encourage kids and families and everyone in my hometown to find joy in a book. 

As a new author, I realized I have a part to play in this. I’ve been directing sales and preorders to Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble and beyond, but not encouraging local sales that will literally help people I know and the town I grew up in. So, I’m changing that today. 

I’m coming to you asking you to consider preordering a copy of my upcoming book from this lovely little shop– Between the Pages Bookstore. 

You can preorder easily at this link: https://betweenthepagesbookstore.com/item/yZhBgHKitvLRW0s4h-F9Lg

By shopping local, we help sustain small businesses and ensure that our neighborhoods remain rich with stories and knowledge. Please help me by spreading the word. Help me by preordering a copy for you, and maybe an additional copy for someone who will one day need these words. 

Help me, help them! 

I’m so appreciative of your support of this book and this independent bookstore in the town where I grew up. The town where most of my childhood memories live. The town where my mother is buried. The town where this story all started. 

This community of grieving hearts is the most supportive and incredible place on the internet and I know together, we can do amazing things for this bookstore.

Every single order helps. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you! I can’t wait to see how many preorder sales we can get for this deserving shop.

xox, Chels

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