Until We’re Together Again…

November 8, 2022

Today as we left our house I looked at my favorite tree and felt a little sad. “Oh no!”, just kind of slipped out of my mouth as I realized all of the vibrant red leaves had all fallen off, leaving nothing but dark brown branches.

My daughter leans in and says, “It’s ok! They’ll be back. They always come back.”

It was simple and true. They do always come back. Just temporarily gone from our lives, not gone forever.

And somehow it reminded me of my mom, who’s been gone five years now. I always miss her fiercely during this time of year and I thought to myself, “It’s ok. This separation is temporary.”

Temporarily gone from our lives, not gone forever.

I’m not even sure it’s an actual separation but rather a transformation of our relationship and love— one that’s hard to comprehend and impossible to see. A delicate shift, like the seasons, that will eventually result in being together again.

And it gave me hope. And I thought it might do the same for you.

Until we’re together again…

xox, Chels

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A wife, mother and educator who has Indiana roots and a passionate spirit. Chelsea is a sappy romantic, coffee junkie, book collector, and person who wears her heart on her sleeve. She’s sarcastic, full of jokes, full of tears, and enjoys writing most when life gets messy or complicated. In 2017, Chelsea's mother passed away. Through her grief journey, she decided to take her mother’s advice and share her writing with the world. One day she gained the courage to honor her mother's wishes and write. It turned out to be one of the best decisions she's ever made.

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