When Darkness Consumes the Light

April 8, 2024

The entire country is consumed with talking about today’s eclipse. I live in Indiana, a state on the path of totality– a place where the light will diminish and darkness will take reign. Who knew the symbolism between grief and this unique phenomenon?

A moment when darkness consumes the light.

A moment when a shadow, an obstruction, completely changes our view– our perspective.

A moment when our view of light is completely blocked, as if it no longer exists.

All moments grieving hearts are so familiar with, moments that changed our lives in irreversible ways. 

But like today’s eclipse, the complete darkness only takes hold briefly. It doesn’t last forever, it doesn’t stay indefinitely. It moves in and out. It comes and goes. Only occasionally stealing the light in its entirety.

In the midst of our grief and mourning we forget that the light still exists, that it comes back– though it might look different than before. It might feel different too, for the experience you’ve just encountered has changed your perspective, probably changed you too. 

Grieving hearts must be reminded– the darkness does not win. It does not last. 

The light does.

The love does.

The hope does.

The memories do.

And those are the things that create an endless and influential legacy– one you’re now in charge of forging through to others, ensuring your loved one is never forgotten. 

Grief brings darkness, it brings ache and longing and a pain that changes everything, but in the end, the light shines again– reminding us of never-ending love and a newly created legacy.

You’ll forever experience moments of darkness, and they’ll be times you feel like the light no longer exists, but it is there, and it will shine again. 

I promise, friends, it will shine again.

xox, Chels

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