Special Place.

December 6, 2020

Special place. 

My mother’s special place. 

Those are the words that I used today in speaking with a friend on Facebook. Originally, I wrote the word grave. But it stung. It hurt. I hated it. 

So, to shield my heart, I got crafty. I deleted each letter of the word grave, and replaced it with “special place”. 

It didn’t change reality. It didn’t bring my mother back and won’t. It simply shielded my heart. Protecting the harsh sting of a simple word. Placing comfort in place of the heartbreak and scars of grief. 

It might seem silly to some, simply exchanging a couple of words in a sentence. Some might have even become confused with my choice of words. Either way, for me, it was self preservation. A simple exchange to guard my delicate and fragile heart. 

Sometimes, in grief, you need to replace and restructure the little things so the big things don’t ache with as much intensity. 

Sometimes, you have to protect your heart and your reality, even if that means creative words and shielded souls. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your grief experience. Don’t be afraid to cover your heart with words that sting less, or any other element that places comfort and healing into your life. 

Grief is unique, and it’s yours. Craft it to fit you, not the world. 

xox, Chels

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