Grief Takes Time

September 20, 2021

It takes time to see beyond those last breaths and final heartbeats. It takes time to see beyond the destruction and forever absence you’ve been left with. 

Grief takes time.

It takes time to see them beyond the sickness and the disease. It takes time to remember them before they became frail and actively dying.

Grief takes time. 

It takes time to step back into life and into a world that has already forgotten about your loss. It takes time to step forward knowing with each step you’re walking away from the life that included the one you lost. 

Grief takes time. 

It takes time to breathe again, let alone smile or laugh or rejoice. It takes time to live again, making memories with those that remain. It takes time to let go of what you can’t change while holding on tightly so you never forget.

Grief takes time. 

It takes time to comprehend the loss and even longer to accept it. 

It takes time to learn how to carry the weight of everything that remains while also carrying the weight of regret.

It takes time to stop wishing for the clock hand to move backwards and for the ability to travel back in time, when they were here with you.

Grief takes time. 

It takes time to recover. It takes time to heal. Knowing neither of these things are completely achievable. 

Grief takes time. 

It takes time to see more of the love and less of the loss. 

It takes time to see the beauty and not only the brokenness. 

It takes time to feel the hope more than the heartbreak. 

It takes time to be filled with more reminiscence than emptiness. 

It takes time to journey through grief with both a shattered and grateful heart. 

It takes time. 

Grief takes time. 

xox, Chels

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2 responses to “Grief Takes Time”

  1. Kate Slay says:

    This has made me cry so hard! I miss my Mom so much! Thank you for your writing!

  2. Michelle Campbell says:

    Chels, as usual you are so right. It’s a process, it does take time and sometimes you wish you could just fast forward past the hurt, but life doesn’t work that way.

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