Interrupted “Me-Time”

July 26, 2020

A non-staged motherhood reality. 

Let me set the scene. I sneak away for an afternoon bath, while everyone is engaged and busy. I fill the tub. I add my favorite bubble bath, all is calm and quiet. Dare I say, even serene. I slowly sink into the warmth and bliss. I turn on the jets, lay my head back, and close my eyes. 

This lasts exactly four minutes. 

Four minutes until the first kid comes, begging to join me in the tub. Followed by the older two, wondering where I am and inquiring about my sudden absence. Then, as if scheduled or right on cue, my husband. Apparently in need of toilet cleaning supplies because well, we have boys and things get messy. 

I look up at the full bathroom, unable to contain my giggles. I quickly snap this picture. It so perfectly depicts motherhood.

Less alone time. Less privacy. Less escape. 

More responsibility. More questions. More demands. 

But the beauty is…

You are always wanted. 

You are always looked for.

You are always noticed.

You are always loved. 

I’m sure they’ll be a day when I climb in this tub and the calm lasts. When it does, I’ll probably miss the sound of hurried feet rushing to find me. I’ll probably miss the calls for “mama”. I’ll probably miss the crowded space that was once filled with immense love, and tiny little bodies, now graced with calm and serenity. 

For now, I’ll find the beauty in these little “me-time” interrupters. I’ll find beauty in the not-so unexpected but smiling visitors. I’ll “shoo” them away, enjoy another quick minute to myself, and head back to the reality of motherhood. 

A place that is filled with immense to-dos and also immense and unique love and adoration. Motherhood, a messy miracle that is uniquely mine. 

xox, Chels

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