Look At Me Now

July 1, 2019

You told me my dreams would amount to nothing.

Look at me now.

You told me I couldn’t prioritize my fitness, couldn’t have a body worth loving, couldn’t be beautiful.

Look at me now.

You told me I was nothing and that I’d be nothing.

Look at me now.

You told me no one would want me, need me, or love me again.

Look at me now.

You told me over and over again that I couldn’t, that I shouldn’t, that I wouldn’t.

Look at me now.

You told me I wasn’t smart enough, tough enough, good enough.

Look at me now.

Take a good look. Your words don’t invade my mind anymore. They no longer pierce my soul.

Your voice has been silenced. It has no power over me. I gave you power by believing you and now you are powerless because I realized you were a ruse, a fake, a joy stealer.

Now, you are invisible. You are non-existent.

You filled me with lies. You filled me with fear. You filled me with failure.

One day courage found me. Bravery found me. That day I left. I silenced your voice and your influence.

Look at me now. I’m gone. I’m thriving. I’m happy.

Look at me now. It’s me without you. It’s the best version of me.

Look at me now, I’m everything I knew I was before you.

I’m here. Standing tall. Standing proud. Standing with confidence instead of shame. Standing with determination instead of doubt.

I’m here, living beautifully, so look at me now.

xox, Chels

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2 responses to “Look At Me Now”

  1. Thank you for writing and publishing the things I can’t say.
    Look at me now. I’m gone. I’m thriving. I’m happy.

    • chelseaohlemiller says:

      I couldn’t say them at first either. One day you will, even if it’s just to remind yourself of your story. Of your triumph. Of your recovery from heartbreak. You’ve got this, friend. xox, Chels

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